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Constitution Template for Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Adventure Medicine Team Club Article I: Adventure Medicine Team Article II: Purpose/Mission Article III: Membership Article IV: Electorate Article V: Officers/Executive Board Article VI: Advisor Article VII: Meetings Article VIII: Amendments ARTICLE I: NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION The official name of the organization is Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Adventure Medicine Team & Club ARTICLE II: PURPOSE/MISSION The goal of our club is to provide education and collaborate with local organizations that embody the following as a volunteer based or career option for our Nursing Student body. Our core values are embodied by our mission statement and remain passion, safety, integrity, and authenticity. We are gathered in AMT to combine passion for the outdoors and service to others through the following: Providing critical and acute nursing care in austere and challenged environments whether by fixed or transient geographical obstacles, or limited resources, in response to natural disasters with humanitarian aid; search and rescue operations; extreme sports; and interdisciplinary expedition collaboration as leadership in planning and guiding; or as evolution of the applied nursing critical care scope develops. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP REQUIRMENT(S), DUES, VERIFICATION Anyone with interest in Adventure or Wilderness Medicine; disaster relief or humanitarian aid; expedition medical management and leadership; rural setting provider care; or acute/emergent care. The minimum requirement for club membership is 1x approved volunteer event per a semester or a total of 8 hours philanthropical work that relates to the nature of the club, can be approved by Vice and/or President; club members are welcome to all free training events, guest speakers, volunteer events, and social events. Adventure Medicine Team members must adhere to the 16 hours or 1 on site event per a month, there is a physical component to competition in wilderness medicine that will be identified, planned, and vetted as necessary prior to events. Team members will have preference in volunteer event positions and in training events with limited positions available. Hours and certification maintenance are the responsibility of the individual and are held to the honor system; members will maintain their records in the shared team google doc and must be able to present their certification or proof of hours, POC etc if outside a club event, if asked for up to 12 months after event. The club will conduct intrinsic bi-annual assessments on hours, membership, compliance, and training effectiveness; this is the responsibility of the entire executive staff but headed by the president. Dues help fund team patches, events, and training logistics. The 2023-2024 annual membership dues are calculated at 25$ USD they are subject to change based on economy fluctuations, anticipated club travel, event, or otherwise; there is no additional fee for joining the team. If a student is unable to pay their dues the executive team will assess the individual’s situation case-by-case basis as needed. These dues go directly and exclusively to the team fund that pay for team events, training transportation-logistics, or team-oriented gear. Before spending from the AMC, a request must be submitted to the financial officer. III.B. CREDENTIALS/ACCREDITATION AMT AMC members are not required to obtain any additional credentials and/or accreditation but due to the nature of AMT volunteerism (Search and Rescue, Rubicon, Red Cross, Local Races- med. Management, competition etc.) our nature of application, scope of practice, and collaborative efforts interdisciplinary in our community to serve in stewardship of nursing and the JHU SON community and our own Adventure Medicine Team it is required to obtain or maintain a valid CNA, EMT-A (national), Paramedic , or AWLS national accreditation within 6 months of membership. The club-team will make every effort possible to coordinate and provide a testing opportunity for those who do not yet have one and want to join the team. Resources and training sessions will be provided but it is incumbent on the individual wishing to obtain their certification and serve on the team to prepare for their test individually. Team members must be in good academic standing, generally maintain 3.0 or higher GPA, to compete or attend an offsite travel event. The 16 hour or 1 weekend event quota is for AMT members and can be completed through online FEMA, red-cross, approved volunteer events, and/or any medical course/ accreditation, or approved CEU’s. Due to the nature of wilderness medicine team members must be in good health and physical standing; if an event requires any specific physical threshold such as a competition a training plan will be prepared and training groups as able. III.C EQUIPMENT, TRAVEL, MISC. Travel events will require adherence to the packing list, that will be created by the executive team and team captain respective to the event, for the safety of the team member and all participants; if a team member does not have equipment the team will make every effort to provide the equipment for the teammate but if unable to acquire minimum safety equipment will not be able to attend. Equipment provided by the AMC is property of JHU SON AMC and will be accounted for, failure to return equipment in given condition will negatively affect the team resources and will result in probation from the team until resolved. If borrowed equipment has been lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair the borrower is responsible of said equipment replacement overture of either of the stated above or alternative resolutions can be in placed with approval 80% in favor on executive board. Maintenance of records and equipment is the responsibility of the team captain and individuals; records will be maintained in a locked but viewable google doc. Many of our events, training, and volunteering, will be off site given the nature of adventure (wilderness) medicine. The club and team will coordinate transportation intrinsically as available to these events. It is the responsibility of the driver and every passenger to ensure laws are being upheld, there is no use of electronics or distractive means to the driver, and safety is the upmost priority; when using a POV ( personal vehicle) for teammate transportation it is mandatory to conduct 1x vehicle inspection internally quarterly annex B. ( valid insurance, working seatbelts, etc.) ; this record will be kept and maintained by the team captain for team members. In the event of overnight off site travel it is expected that all team members are respectful and considerate of each other. Any harassment, discrimination, acts of violence or otherwise harmful acts, will not be tolerated. Any claim against a teammate will be thoroughly investigated by the entire executive team and if necessary elevated to appropriate agencies outside of club. When traveling we are the stewards of Nursing, Johns Hopkins, and our Adventure Medicine Team. The Team will make every feasible effort to have no cost to teammate, or keep costs minimal, utilizing school funds, team funds, and fundraising as available. There may be training opportunities that are not able to be covered by these funds and it will be up to the teammate to determine whether they want to pay for the training or not; there is no bearing on team status for this decision. III.D OPPORTUNITIES FOR LEADERSHIP As the team participates in ongoing and direct volunteer opportunities within our community, in addition to, training rotations, sites, and edu there will be opportunities for team leadership, planning, and teaching. These positions will be both volunteer and nominative at the discretion of the team leader and/or executive board; a team member must accept the role and will never be forced into one. ARTICLE IV: ELECTORATE Each member shall have the right to vote in elections for their representatives, to debate in open sessions, and to participate in all activities of the AMT , assuming compliance for necessary training etc, is met for respective event, Adventure Medicine Team, does not discriminate in the admission to nor the participation in any programs or activities which it conducts but safety is always our number one priority for the teammate, the team, and the agency for which we are collaborating with. ARTICLE V: OFFICERS or EXECUTIVE BOARD The President The President serves as the chair of the AMT, coordinating and facilitating all Executive Board and general meetings. The President will also act as the liaison for the AMC/T with the Office of Student Affairs, the School of Nursing, and Johns Hopkins University as a whole. Responsible for heading the bi-annual records check and program assessment. The president works closely with the team captain to identify, source, and collaborate for team training, credit, and volunteer events; to include training for respective event, training compliance, and safety. Vice President The Vice President will assist the president and serve in their absence. The Vice President assists in community and organization engagement. The Vice president overseas and develops platforms for shared documents i.e google docs in which the executive board team maintains. Finance Officer The Finance Officer will properly manage and keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed within and by the Senate. In addition, the Finance Officer will be the main contributor to the creation of the annual budget for the Adventure Medicine Team. Finally, the Vice President of Finance shall assist with event planning and coordination. This includes cost calculation for trip event and approval/denial process of request for funds for event cost, logistical aspects of team event. Communications Officer The Communications Officer supports the dissemination of information from the Adventure Medicine Team and other nursing student committees to the student body. The Communications Officer serves as the record keeper that involves taking and distributing meeting minutes, sending out an agenda prior to the general meetings, and maintaining important documents, such as the constitution and other policy documents. All documents will be locked, but readable by general team members at any time, excluding documentation of hours by individuals. Event hours with team will be recorded and maintained via googled doc or similar by CO. The Communications Officer will work to promote AMC-T events through social media channels and school in collaboration with entire executive board. CO will maintain passwords and login data for shared platforms. Adventure Medicine Team Captain The role of the team captain is to collaborate with the club president to capture training events, act as a liaison for finding events both in training and competitive or accreditation in nature. The team captain will work with the president, teammates, and race director or event planner to develop physical training plan as necessary, packing lists as needed, and assist in travel arrangements with president and financial officer. The team captain is the voice of the Adventure Medicine Team. ARTICLE VI: ADVISOR Our 22-23 Club Advisor is Dr. Melissa Hunter ARTICLE VII: MEETINGS/VOTING •When and how often will the club meet? 16 hrs. / or 1 weekend a month Adventure Medicine Team will meet monthly during the spring, summer, fall semesters and at the AMC/T discretion during all other times. The meetings are open to attendance for the School of Nursing community and interdisciplinary partners; each meeting will have an open forum section. The open forum shall provide a setting for community members to offer suggestions, feedback, and express grievances; it is expected that if there is a complaint that the individual presents at least one solution to their grievance. The AMC-T is about finding solutions to complex problems in dynamic environments where conditions are always challenging, and we expect that members are actively engaged in bettering situations; the same attitude and approach is expected in internal obstacles and evolution. Meeting format will change based on the training location and parameters that month. The committee will have the training calendar to include guest speakers, volunteer events, training digital and in person, and credential events/competitions/ conferences available at the earliest convenience for planning. AMC/T Executive Board will meet monthly during the fall, summer, and spring semesters, with other meetings as required. The President of the AMC/T, with consensus of the board and committees, will determine the time and location of all meetings. Meeting format will change based on the training location and parameters that month. The committee will have the training calendar to include guest speakers, volunteer events, training digital and in person, and credential events/competitions/ conferences available at the earliest convenience for planning. ARTICLE VIII: AMENDMENTS/CONSTITUTION CHANGES •Process for changing constitution or adding amendments The AMC will vote on AMC Amendments. A simple majority is needed for an amendment to pass to be reflected in the AMC constitution. Amendments can be proposed by any active member of the AMC. The AMC will vote on AMC Constitution Changes. A simple majority is needed for an amendment to pass to be reflected in the AMC constitution. Constitution Changes can be proposed by any active member of the AMC. Created or Revised: December 2022   Annex A. Schedule of Training Draft I Spring 2023 (January – May 2023) MonthGuest Speaker/ Presentation Training FocusTrng Event Time/ date/ TRNG POCAnnex January Team Meeting and Forecast of Quarter A.1 February Flight Medicine helipad ops and transport JHH Lancaster, PA WFA 17-20FEBTBDA.2 MarchMaryland Search And Rescue Operations: If you did want to explore the subject a bit more, I'd suggest MSAR's Intro to Search and Rescue videos, which are required watching for all team members: or the ASRC's Essentials for Search and Rescue: For anyone interested in an actual SAR textbook, I'd recommend NASAR's Fundamentals of Search and Rescue: March 24,25,26SAR OpsA.3 AprilAWLS Certification Assessment/ Written Testing03APRIL23-14APRIL23 University of Utah Medicine, Salt Lake City – Moab A.4 MayVolunteer Event MEDWAR Blue Ridge (North Carolina) Competition Saturday May 13th A.5 June JulyWilderness Society Master Summer Conference 2023 Spokane, WA16-23July Annex B. Safety Mitigation and Travel Requirements Safety Checklist POV atch. Annex C. CEU- agencies, resources for training and edu Rubicon-volunteer-northwest CLOSING COMMENTS: This document is fluid and evolving with the growth and natural changes of the Adventure Medicine Team and Club. This is a volunteer base group with aspirations of serving communities and people who are in extraordinarily challenged environments. Wilderness (Adventure) Medicine is comprised of competent, confident, honest, reliable, and dependable humans on small teams working to make a difference in the life, or lives, of others when they are most vulnerable. We are a team striving to go above and beyond what is expected, what we’re learning in our classrooms, and are committed to excellence in the most trusted profession but we’re also here to have a good time doing it. We’re all human and doing our best, all suggestions and ideas are valid in our club if it keeps our core values at heart, safety, integrity, and authenticity. Adventure on, out, and beyond

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